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Why we are different
Consumers Mutual is a member governed mutual insurance company that is being created and designed by not only its members but the agents who will represent and sell the products.

What we do better
As a new plan we don't have the legacy issues other plans are dealing with, especially with the upcoming impacts of the Affordable Care Act. As a plan, we will be administratively efficient, responsive, and nimble to adjust quickly to ever-changing market dynamics.

Why we are easy to work with
Knowing our sales force is exclusively through a select group of highly qualified network of independent agents, we understand the importance of delivering on our commitments to service and product delivery. Consumers Mutual is built around the empowerment of our employees, providing transparency and pertinent information for you and your clients. Our employees were selected to be part of a team that will become Michigan's premier plan.

Our compensation philosophy
Consumers Mutual will provide our independent agent sales force partners with a highly competitive compensation schedule that rewards you for the unique value you bring to end users, whether it be an individual or an employer.

How Consumers Mutual Insurance of Michigan can help your clients
Consumers Mutual will be a viable alternative for you to sell as a cost competitive, administratively efficient plan for both individuals and group clients in the Michigan market. Consumers Mutual will have the unique ability to provide long term cost controls while ensuring quality coverage for our members.

Want more information on how the Affordable Care Act will impact producers? Download this 17-page guide designed just for Michigan Brokers and Agents: