Does Airsoft Effect Your Life Insurance In Any Way?

With the increasing instability in the nation in the form of pandemics, neighborhood violence, civil unrest, etc., the need for life insurance is looking more appealing to many Americans.
But life insurance has always served as a type of insurance policy for loved ones left behind in the event of an unfortunate situation that results in the demise of another family member or loved one.

Until recently, due to the covid19 pandemic and other life-altering issues, life insurance has become more popular and gained more appeal. But like every other form of insurance, life insurance comes with its own policies and terms and these vary in different ways.

For example, some policies won’t cover you if you meet an untimely demise by doing something you knew to be high risk. Or if they do cover you, it will greatly increase your insurance premiums.

The simple truth of the matter is that certain activities that increase your risk of death or injury while performing them can also result in you paying higher insurance rates or being deemed uninsurable.

Airsoft can be considered a high insure sporting event not necessarily because of the possibility of death but because of the high risk of injury to certain parts of the body like the eyes.


Airsoft’s Safety Concerns.

 To be honest, airsoft is relatively safe compared to other sports like sky diving, car racing, boxing, football, etc. The risk of death or injury in these kinds of sports is pretty high in comparison to airsoft.

For example, in the case of sky diving, just one mistake or mishap could cost you your life, and you could end up as a big unrecognizable stain on some street corner, or in a parking lot, or maybe even on someone’s roof or in someone’s kitchen or living room.

Mountain climbing is another sport with a high risk of death while participating. Just one mistake and you could go tumbling thousands of feet down the mountain at a high rate of speed only to end up in a lifeless crumpled heap at the bottom.

Boxing and football are similar in terms of high risk. Just one well-placed punch in boxing could cost you your life or end your career. Football is a high risk also, and you could suffer a career-ending spinal injury from just one mistake, not so with airsoft.

The risk of death or paralysis is pretty low, but the risk of eye injury is high and does exist because, in airsoft, the eyes are normally exposed. So your insurance may not be as high in comparison to the other sports or hobbies, but they are sure to increase somewhat because of this risk factor. Investment in a full face mask could also serve to ensure your sports accident insurance rates are kept at a reasonable level.



Low And High-Velocity Airsoft Guns.

Airsoft guns come in different power ranges in terms of the velocity they propel the BB or projectile at. Some insurance companies may take this into consideration when determining your insurance rates.

For example, low-velocity airsoft guns have a lower FPS (feet per second) velocity than higher velocity airsoft guns. This is important because lower velocity guns are less likely to result in serious eye injury when used.

“While higher velocity airsoft guns can result in more significant eye injury if the projectile strikes the eye, the possibility of penetration is increased based on the projectile’s velocity. Lower velocity guns are less likely to do serious penetration damage, whereas higher velocity guns can do more damage. You must be wearing the right size mask for your face and the type of playing field you will in.” Says Scott Savoy of Airsoft Tribe.

You may want to emphasize this to the insurer while getting insured while also clearly explaining the velocity of the gun you will be using while engaging in airsoft activities. Not to mention you will also be investing in a full face mask for protection to ensure your safety while participating. This may help to lower your insurance rates. Some insurance companies require that you use full face protection before they will insure you.

Much of the FPS information should be contained in the instruction and operations manual. You can actually find many of the lower velocity spring-operated guns at retailers like Walmart. While many of the higher velocity guns can be purchased directly from legitimate airsoft retailers.



Airsoft’s Impact On Life Insurance Rates.

While your sports accident insurance rates in regards to injury are sure to increase, I’m not sure if the rates in regards to life insurance coverage will as there is no significant risk of death while engaging in the sport. They may increase slightly but probably not significantly.

 An increase in life insurance rates is more applicable to sports or hobbies with a higher risk of death. Higher risks sports or hobbies like boxing, football, car racing, cliff diving, deep-sea diving, mountain climbing, heli-skiing, etc., would all be considered high-risk sporting events that have a high probability of death or serious injury when participating.

 Airsoft, fortunately, does not come with the same risk of death. The most serious injury associated with airsoft sports is ocular damage as a result of the projectile striking the eye. Because of this, it probably won’t seriously impact your life insurance rates, but it could serve to increase accident insurance rates.

But there are certain situations where it could affect your life insurance rates, and that’s as a result of using airsoft guns in an irresponsible manner. Like, say, for instance, openly brandishing an airsoft gun in public, especially if the gun looks eerily similar to a real gun.
This could certainly increase your risk of death because an officer could get a call informing them that a person is openly brandishing a handgun, at which point a police officer could respond to the call, and this could result in you getting shot or losing your life.

This could certainly increase your life insurance rates if the insurance company is aware that you have openly brandished the gun in public. There are a few other scenarios where similar actions or behavior could impact your life insurance rates. As it relates to these kinds of situations, your life insurance rates could certainly increase.